The Nutcracker is Back! | Golden Hall

The Nutcracker is Back! | Golden Hall

26 December 2018 by kidarte

The Nutcracker is Back! – Christmas 2018 exclusively at Golden Hall, Athens

A year after the award-winning Nutcracker World Theme Park  in 2017, at the Golden Hall – Athens, The Nutcracker is Back!

Kidarte received the Gold Award in the category of Seasonal Experiential Events/ at Event Awards 2018 for the concept and the implementation of the Nutcracker World.

This year, the “Nutcracker Theme Park” comes back to life, with new construction elements and renewed enthusiasm, to immerse both, kids and adults, in the whimsical atmosphere of the Nutcracker world.

By using visual storytelling techniques such as architecture, color, music and characters, Christmas treats and activations, park visitors become part of the most fascinating Christmas story!