Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary

Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary

5 December 2018 by kidarte

Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary – AthensCon 2018

“Mickey Mouse is a global phenomenon and for the last 90 years, the character has been loved by people across all age groups”.

This year, Disney celebrates this milestone birthday, around the world with signature events and experiences. In Greece, Disney trusted Kidarte to organize the best party ever. Featuring a special application showing Mickey’s iconic design evolution per decade, Disney invited the audience to pick their preferred decade and slip into their dancing shoes for a celebration birthday dance along with  Mickey Mouse appearing on screen, making signature moves!

AthensCon 2018, the first big convention held in Greece that is heavily influenced by worldwide Comic-Cons and conventions, hosts the world’s biggest mouse party with “Mickey: The True Original Exhibition” and an Interactive Fan stage specially designed and implemented by Kidarte  for this event.

With “Move it for Mickey” kids of all ages will clap their hands, sing along and boogie down with Mickey, led by the energetic, live-dancing animators of Kidarte.

As Walt Disney once said “If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.”  And this is exactly what inspired us in order to create the iconic character’s 90th birthday party!