Scenography & Set Constructions

Themed Décor

Lights, Christmas Trees, themed seasonal constructions and so much more! We undertake scenography and light design providing tailor made solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces, based on the chosen concepts. We collaborate with Industry leaders in order to guarantee the quality of the equipment and services provided.


From giant constructions to handmade table décor. From light design to materials, textures, colors and  clothing elements.

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Special Constructions

Fruit shaped houses? Talking trees? or just decorative sculptures?

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Equipment Rental

We can fulfill all your event needs for staging, lights, audio and visual equipment or amusement park pieces, from Greece and abroad.

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Passion for excellence


Tailor-made approach, hands-on attitude and an eye for excellence.
Turn-key solutions taking into consideration health & safety as well as budget.

Investing in team


Experienced professionals and multi-disciplinary experts that ensure flawless execution of every project.

Total Event Management


Experienced Project Managers oversee all process from briefing to implementation.